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While remote or telephone support is quite often enough to solve a problem or answer a question, occasionally the need arises for more in-depth, intensive support or training. To meet this need, IOS offers On-site Support. A member of our staff will work with you at your office or out in the field. This service is especially important if you have a new person operating one of your systems, or perhaps when some of your field personnel need training using one of the scanning devices. It can also be helpful if you have made significant changes to your computer or have gone through a significant upgrade with one of our systems.

Key Benefits

  • Provides intensive training time
  • We come to you!
  • Can have one or many people in the session


The goal of On-site Support is to provide you with intensive, concentrated support time. We cover items specific to your situation.

Tap into the 'Network'
With an IOS staff member on-site, you also have available the entire IOS network of support staff and associates. Your on-site provider may link up with one of the programmers, another support staff member, or a manufacturer's representative--whatever it may take to answer your questions or provide you with a solution.
Group Sessions or One-on-One
On-site time may by used to train a group of personnel at once, or to have more concentrated time with an individual. You may also divide your time and have a session of each.
Time Included
On-site time is included in every project proposal. This ensures that your installation, setup, and initial training is done by a qualified installer. It prepares you to get the most out of your system and allows you to more efficiently utilize our Technical Support services.

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