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AgriScan™ extends data collection and processing to a level at which it seems almost effortless. Simplicity and flexibility are the key forces behind AgriScan's strength.

This system's true strength lies in how straightforward collecting the scan data is. Field personnel learn the scanning procedures easily and are therefore much more receptive and willing to incorporate the system into their daily routines.

Most data is entered via an electronic scanning device-just a few scans of the barcode or a touch of a button. The system handles piece and hourly rates, or a combination of the two. You can even track the number of piece units accumulated but pay only hourly! Scan in an entire crew at once; enter other Employees as individuals. Defaults are maintained to minimize the number of scans necessary.

Track equipment usage independent of your personnel or assign it to an employee and it is tracked automatically.

View your data as it comes in, and, when necessary, edit it right there! Change sort orders and filters to make it easy to group the information in a way that makes sense to you.


When you're ready, just push a button and your payroll information appears in your accounting package. AgriScan interfaces with popular accounting packages such as DataTech's Farmer's Office. Custom interfaces can also be created.

Key Benefits

  • Step-by-step buttons guide you through the process
  • Rugged, hand-held field-tested scanners
  • Download on-site or remotely
  • Edit data as you view it
  • Filter by or jump to a specific day
  • Several standard reports; custom reports easily generated
  • Small Business Edition package also available
  • Assign equipment as permanent or temporary
  • Designed in Windows™ from the ground up
  • Scan barcode or buttons or both
  • Access historical data

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