Basic System

Optional Modules

Basic Blue Skies Accounting® System: 

  • General Ledger  

Provides a double-entry General Ledger; generates detailed transaction registers and Financial Reports for cash flow management, budgeting, and tax preparation. Automatically records checks and deposits on the correct side of the ledger. Corrects errors easily, at any time throughout the year, and prints updated reports. Does not require monthly closings. Saves data automatically, guarding against power failures. Includes computer check writing for cash basis clients. The General Ledger program is fully integrated with all other optional accounting modules listed on this page.
  • Cost Accounting #2 

Supplements General Ledger to provide reports for each enterprise cost center. Defines enterprises to match each grower's selection of ranch, field, crop, variety, herd, or management contract option. Generates specific P&L statements for each enterprise as a subset of the company as a whole. Crop years may overlap and carry forward through calendar or fiscal accounting years. Labor costs are integrated automatically if the optional Payroll module is installed. Also includes Operation Costs (e.g. Harvest Costs) and Equipment Costing.
  • Payroll  

Calculates all withholdings and prints payroll checks. Handles multiple piecework and hourly rate combinations. Automatically compares piecework gross to minimum wage. Operator can enter timecards daily or all at once. Program stores paycheck details and prints quarterly, annual W2s, state, and federal payroll reports. Gathers grower, field, crop, job, and equipment information for use in the optional integrated General Ledger and Cost Accounting modules.

Optional Modules:

  • Accounts Payable (accrual basis) 

Enter payables into the system for payment at a later date. Cash requirements report lists aged payables either by due date, or sorted and subtotaled by due date within each vendor account. Pending payables are grouped or marked individually into either ready or hold status. Books may be kept on either cash or accrual basis. At fiscal year-end, accrual bookkeeping may be reversed for cash basis reporting, and outstanding payables carried forward.
  • Accounts Receivable 

For growers and small agribusiness firms. Prints invoices, statements, and mailing labels. View customer billing histories on-screen, or print, listing all transactions or just those remaining unpaid. The Deposits feature automatically resolves matching charges. Reprints lost invoices. At fiscal year-end, accrual bookkeeping can be reversed for cash basis reporting, and outstanding receivables carried forward automatically.
  • Enterprise Power Budgeting  

Creates a new year's budget, for each enterprise cost center, from the grower's database of enterprise income and expense. Changes in acreage or percentage are factored automatically. Monthly enterprise "budget-to-actual" reports generate variances and remaining balances. Enterprise budgets are totaled to create the overall bank budget. The Windows version builds Excel spreadsheets with complete equations to do "what-if" analysis.
  • Check Reconciliation 

The General Ledger already includes your check and deposit details. This program lets you quickly and easily mark outstanding entries and print a report that reconciles your books to your bank statement.
  • Inventory 

Tracks quantities and rates for bulk inventories.
  • Farm Labor Contractor's Payroll 

Federal law requires that farm labor contractors give reports to their farm customers that identify farm workers and list worker pay and deductions. These reports demonstrate that the labor contractor has paid workers properly and has made accurate payroll deductions. May be purchased as an add-on to the Payroll program.
  • Magnetic Media Reporting 

Employers with 250 or more employees, must submit W2s on floppy disk instead of paper to avoid penalty. This module allows employers to comply with IRS magnetic media reporting requirements.
  • Small Farm Series 

For those who write approximately 300 checks per year or less. This series includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable (cash basis), Cost Accounting 1, and Payroll. It provides one client number and lets you enter up to 1000 costing transactions.
  • Cost Accounting 1 

Supplements General Ledger to provide production cost analysis and evaluation reports for entertrpise cost centers. Like Cost Accounting 2, without Operation and Equipment costing. Designed for businesses other than farms and construction companies.
  • Database Import/Export 

Exports selected General Ledger or Payroll timecard data to spreadsheets, databases, graphics, or custom programs in standard ASCII format; accepts ASCII data generated from another program for automated import into AgData.
  • Secondary Use License 

Your AgData software license entitles you to use the programs on one computer. If you wish to use them on more computers, you may purchase a Secondary Use License for each additional computer. A second set of manuals is included.
  • 5 Additional Client Numbers 

Additional client numbers may be purchased in groups of five.
  • Network Additional User 

Multiple-user support for Novell and other standard networks. Features simultaneous General Ledger/Payroll data entry.



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