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Ios, Inc.: We have our roots in Agriculture and our eyes on the Technology Horizon(sm).

Our Company

Ios, Inc. developed out of a need for software products and systems that 'do the work for you'.

Members of the company have been working in Agriculture and/or software development since 1975.

Interaction with members of the agricultural community at all levels made us aware of the desire for systems that were powerful and fully functional without appearing complex and without being difficult to master. We devoted time and resources to finding out just what you wanted--doing everything from working out on the farm with the field workers to holding meetings in the corporate boardrooms with the CEO's.

Because of this effort and experience, we are able to bring you products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Much of what our systems do goes on 'under the hood'. The user pushes a few buttons at the appropriate time, and your job is done!

Our Mission

To make your day easier.

And while doing that, to make it more productive and more informative--to help you get more out of the effort and resources you put in.

Contact Information

We'd love to hear from you!

800-720-SCAN  (800-720-7226)
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